Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll doesn’t consider himself a hero, even though what he did several months back helped to put away a violent felon.

Carroll was sitting outside a Kingston restaurant when he witnessed a man steal a woman’s purse. The 20-year-old Good Samaritan sprang into action and wrestled the man to the ground, enabling the victim to retrieve her pocketbook.

The knife-wielding suspect ran away but stole another woman’s purse in Uptown Kingston before he was caught.¬†Christopher Hasenflue has since been convicted of armed robbery and is serving 20 years in state prison.

Last year, the Ulster County Police Chief’s Association honored Carroll, a recent SUNY Ulster graduate, for meritorious citizenship.

While he holds the award in high-esteem, Carroll does not consider himself a hero, though he said he would do it again without hesitation.

He called it the right thing to do and said Hudson¬†Valley residents need to “look out for each other.”