Trooper Benincasa and Sheriff’s Deputy Damon Alberts

State police Trooper Ryan Benincasa and Ulster County Sheriff’s Deputy Damon Alberts are being hailed as heroes for saving a sleeping couple whose lives were threatened by a nearby structure fire. The blaze broke out at around 1:40 a.m. on Sept. 7 at a storage unit 15 feet away from their home at 48 Overlook Drive in Plattekill.

Both the deputy and trooper were investigating another incident when they heard a pop that sounded like a gunshot. The two noticed a fire in the woods and made their way there. As soon as they got to the house, they tried to awaken the residents but had to pull out an air conditioner and climb inside to get them up.

Members of the Plattekill Fire Department, also heroes for saving the pair’s home, were backed by several other departments and were able to get the fire under control in about two hours.

While several dozen rabbits and chickens on the property died on the property, the homeowners and their dog were uninjured.

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